Advisery Board

In a journey directions play a vital role. We all know it is important to keep moving in the right directions. As we move ahead we get multiple route and we need to choose the right direction, turn and signal we gotta turn from

This makes it absolutely important to have people who are outside our vehicle to see if we are moving in the right direction.

We have a long list of learned people who have played a vital role n our decision making and improvement systems.
We would like to extend our heartily thanks to our respected advisors who have always acted in our interest and played the most vital role in shaping up Deepshikha Kala Sansthan 

The Advisory Board is a network of experts who with their knowledge, abilities and experience give their meaningful suggestions and help in many different areas, including rules, organization development, technology, policy and outreach. The advisory board advises the management in its strategic decision making process and the staff in its day to day working.

Rastriya Ratan Late Shri Nirmal Surana
Late Shri Nirmal Surana
Founder, Deepshikha Kala Sansthan

Smt. Meenakshi Surana
Smt. Meenakshi Surana
Founder, Deepshikha Group of Colleges


Shri Prem Surana, Chairman
Shri Prem Surana


Shri Anshu Surana Vice, Chariman
Shri Anshu Surana
Vice Chariman