Interactive Seminar held on Stress Management by Dr. Swati Ghate

Stress is one of the leading factors that is affecting the mental and physical health of the students. Owing to the growing competition at a professional and personal level, students are unable to cope with the stressful conditions. Considering these factors in mind, we organized a seminar at our college on stress management on Thursday, 16th January 2020. Dr. Swati Ghate from Babylon’s Newton CDSC was the Chief Guest for the Seminar and was warmly greeted by the Principal Dr. Reema Singh. The seminar was attended by about 100 students and 20 faculty members and the response and feedback received from the audience was highly motivating and encouraging. 

Dr. Swati Ghate highlighted the importance of Stress Management in student’s life as it can adversely impact the physical, social and mental health of the students. The seminar covered a wide spectrum of topics related to stress management such as what is stress, its types, and effects, how to identify stress in self and others, what are the positive and negative ways of handling stress along with the role of mental first aid in coping with stressful conditions. To make the seminar engaging, a lot of activities were conducted during the seminar so that the students and faculty members can practically understand how stress is affecting their well being in the long run. At the end of the seminar, efforts were made to generate awareness about the mental health and well being of the students by the distribution of pamphlets from Babylon Newton CDSC. 

In addition to this, Dr. Swati and her team stressed on the fact that better association with nature can potentially reduce the stress levels among students. Appreciating the beauty of nature positively contributes towards mental peace and allows people to overcome feelings like anger, sadness, and fear and reduce anxiety levels. Thus, not only students but everyone should take out time from their busy schedule so that they can connect with nature. Furthermore, in the detailed discussion at the seminar, it was also revealed how a good bonding with nature can manage the stress releasing hormones for optimum physical and mental health. 

The core objective of conducting this interactive seminar was to raise awareness among students regarding stress management so that stress does not harm their mental health and they can excel much better on both personal and professional grounds. Deepshika College has always kept students’ welfare on top priority and therefore, we conduct such types of interactive sessions, seminars, and engaging activities from time to time to ensure the holistic development of the students. We are very thankful to Dr. Swati Ghate and her team who visited Deepshika College and shared her valuable thoughts and techniques on managing stress in students' life.