Self Defence tips given to girl students by Jaipur Commissionerate

For the progress of any nation, the safety and security of women is the prime responsibility of the government. This not only helps in providing a safe and secure environment for women but also provides them equal opportunities for growth and development. But in the present scenario, women are not at all safe and the rising graph of crimes and violence against women represents this. Taking this into account, a self defence session was organized by the Jaipur Commissionerate at Deepshikha College where tips were given to girls for self defence. The session also raised the necessary awareness about the rights of women and how they can use social media like WhatsApp for their safety and security.

Lady police Manju, Saroj and their team from the Police Women Cell of the Jaipur Commissionerate visited the campus and gave useful tips on self defence and raised awareness about the rights of women to safety and security. The team told the girls that they should stand and raise their voice against any kind of misbehave, molestation and harassment that impact their dignity. Activities such as staring, eve-teasing, and inappropriate comments by anti-social elements are common these days. In such conditions, girls should immediately inform the Police Women Cell of the Jaipur Commissionerate or the Women Police Station. Although girls can also tell their parents and the college authorities about such activities but informing the police can help in taking the right action against the person. 


In addition to this, awareness was also generated about other options for ensuring safety such as All Women Police Station, Rajasthan Mahila Suraksha Mobile, Garima Helpline and WhatsApp. Furthermore, the women police team also explained how the techniques of self defence can help girls face the social problems that arise due to such anti-social activities. Our college Principal Dr. Reema Singh on behalf of the Deepshikha College thanked the Women Police Team from Jaipur Commissionerate for sharing the self defence techniques with girls. Moreover, she also explained how girls can use their rights to safeguard themselves against such anti-social elements and activities. 

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