Students and Faculty Members Celebrated 31st National Road Safety Week 2020

Recently, the students and teachers celebrated 31st National Road Safety Week 2020 to raise awareness about the importance of road safety, traffic rules, and regulations. The seminar was conducted on 6th February 2020 and highlighted the relevance of the need for safer roads and how youth can play an active role in bringing change by following traffic rules. Our Chairman, Mr. Prem Surana Sir welcomed Sub-Inspector Raishali Meena, Mr. Bhagirathmal (Head of Counselor Center) and Mr. Jaiprakash (Head Constable) for the seminar and invited them to share their view on this topic. Although the Central and State governments are taking numerous measures, lack of awareness about road safety restricts the successful implementation of these measures. 

Sharing her experiences and views, Sub-Inspector Raishali Meena requested all those who were present at the seminar to positively follow the traffic rules and road signs so that own safety, as well as the safety of others, can be ensured. She also emphasized that talking on the phone while driving is one of the major mistakes done by individuals that leads to distraction and is a prime cause of major road accidents. The severity of the accident can lead to partial or full disability. Thus, there is a need to act on an urgent basis. In addition to this, Mr. Bhagirathmal also highlighted the importance of road safety rules and requested all the people to always wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler. Moreover, he also explained how ISI hallmark helmets ensure head safety as compared to other local brands. 


Apart from this, the traffic police team also urged the students and faculty members to remain alert while driving and should follow certain steps for ensuring safe driving. Some important rules include the driver while driving the vehicle should have RC and driving license to avoid road challan, pollution check at regular intervals for environment safety, and vehicle insurance for recovering any major or minor damage in the future. At the end of the seminar, our Chairman on behalf of the students and faculty members thanked the traffic police team for raising awareness for a safer tomorrow and the audience took an oath for careful and safe driving and following traffic rules while driving so that the chances of accidental injuries can be reduced and safe driving can be promoted. Lastly, all the tree traffic police members were honored by rewarding memento and shawl by our Chairman Mr. Prem Surana Sir.


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